Welcome to Mary’s Fried Ice Cream

It is a place where an ice cream dessert is prepared, based on milk, cream and other ingredients where later it is mixed in a cold plate at -20 degrees fahrenhiet. A variety of fruits, biscuits, chocolate and other toppings are added according to the preference of the customers. This concept is originally from Thailand, which is also known as fried ice cream. We incorporated this idea of mixing and combining the most delicious flavors from our place of origin since this place is known for the great variety of ice creams that are made there.

Main Services We Provide

Roll Icecream

It is a mixture of milk with cream combined with any fruit, cookie or chocolate.


It is a mixture of ice liquefied with natural fruit of your choice

Shave Ice

An ice based dessert made of fine shavings of ice or finely crushed ice with more than 8 flavors.